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Here we have a range of cloth sanitary pads by Crimson Moon.  It can be confusing when ordering your first cloth pads so please get in touch for some help. They stock 80-100 different prints year round and are constantly being updated

For the core layers, these pads are made from:
HOBF and SHOBF = Heavy organic bamboo fleece & super heavy organic bamboo fleece
Charcoal Treated HOBF and SHOBF = Helps with odour control
Zorb3d Stay Dry = Fast wicking zorb
Zorb3d Organic = Holds vast amounts of liquid


By absorbency they are layered with:

REG – 1 x Zorb3d
HEAVY – 2 x Zorb3d
SUPER NIGHT / POST PARTUM up to 13 inch – 2 x Zorb3d & 1 x HOBF or SHOBF
SUPER NIGHT / POST PARTUM 15 – 18 inch – 2 x Zorb3d & 1 x HOBF or SHOBF – They also add a 9 – 10 section of Zorb3d in the *Wet Zone* 

The layering occasionally changes slightly but is always at the high standard you have come to expect from Crimson Moon or better as absorbent fabric manufacturers improve their products.


What size should you buy? A disposable pad is roughly 10″, If you feel a disposable is too short opt for longer, if you feel a disposable is too long for you opt for a shorter pad. For sleeping many ladies like a longer pad than their usual day pads to ensure they have a worry free night and won’t bleed off the front or the back of their CSP due to the laying sleeping position.

Always wear good fitting pants with your CSP

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8” Light/Pantyliner, 9” Regular, 10” Regular, 10” Heavy, 11” Regular, 11” Heavy, 11” Super Night/Postpartum, 12” Heavy, 12” Super Night/Postpartum


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